Brick styles

There are many different styles and designs you can take to improve the appearance of a brick mailbox. Adding a built in flower pot, changing the width of the box in certain spots, changing the angle of the bricks, and picking out the correct brick color to match your house are all great ways to improve your mailboxes style.

Choosing the brick layout is a major way you can improve how a brick mailbox looks. For instance, the bricks you lay don’t only have to be horizontal. You can mortar them in place vertically to break up the pattern and make it look nicer. I recommend doing this at the base of the mailbox or towards the center.

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A novice brick layer will typically build their brick mailbox the same width all the way up. However, advanced brick layers can have a curved structure. My favorite design is creating a wider base. You can then taper the width of the base off for five layers and do the same with the top. The result is a wide top and bottom and then it will taper in the middle.
Brick mailbox with flower box
Different shades of brick are also important factors in your mailbox. Deep reds, lighter reds, or even greyish colors can all be used. Choose colors that match your house the best. Faded reds combined with certain mortaring techniques can create a rustic appearance.

Incorporating a small flower box next to the mailbox is also a good idea. A small 2’x’2 enclosure can really spruce things up nicely.

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Lastly, a high quality plaque is a great way to compliment your mailbox.  Since the construction costs so much, this is not an area you want to spare money.  Get a copper, metal, or even wooden plaque instead of generic plastic.  You can choose from one that mounts to the mailbox itself or just hangs down.