Installing and anchoring a mailbox post

If you recently built your own mailbox but are left wondering how to anchor the post, don’t worry it’s easy. You can install your mailbox post in a couple ways. The strongest and easiest way is cementing it in. You can also dig your hole deep enough to where you don’t need cement For this guide we’ll be using concrete to anchor in the post as it’s the longest lasting method. Before you start head to your local host office and pick up the specifications for how you have to mount the box. Typically mailboxes are 42” from street level to the bottom of the box. They should also be 6-8” back from the front face of the curb. Failure to follow USPS specifications may result in undelivered mail. Download plans now Installation Start by marking the spot with an X that you want to dig. Next use a shovel to pick out a chunk of sod so you can patch the hole when you’re done. Next use a post hole digger to dig a 9” hole all around and 20” deep. Pour approximately 6” of gravel into your hole to help with drainage. The next step is to place … Continue reading Installing and anchoring a mailbox post