Wall mounted

Less commonly seen are wall mounted mailboxes. Like other mailbox types, they can be made out of just about anything. You can buy pre-made metal ones or you can design your own out of wood. I prefer the latter because it has a custom feel, looks really nice, and is fairly easy and inexpensive to make. If you want to build your own wall mailbox, you don’t need many materials. Unlike traditional post mounted mailboxes, the ones that mount on walls are typically smaller.

You have a couple of options when installing your wall mounted box. Metal offers a lot of benefits including security and durability. With metal, the biggest advantage you have is security. Typically these boxes require a key to access your mail, unlike wooden ones. Also with metal comes a long lasting product. They’re resistant to weather a lot more than their wooden counterparts and require no maintenance.

Wooden wall mounted mailboxes, like metal, are pretty long lasting. However, every once in a while they will require you to re-stain them in order to keep them protected. If you slip up maintaining it, you may have to sand it down before painting it again. However, the biggest advantage they have is looks. Wooden products by nature look amazing. The natural designs and patterns in the wood can be brought out further by stains. Wood can even be custom built to match your house and even the style of your house.