Wooden Mailbox

Before building a mailbox you have to decide what it will be made out of. You have many options such as brick, sheet metal, wood, stone, or you can even get creative about it. Many people use a sheet metal box as the base and build an artistic structure around it.

The cheapest and easiest method by far is sheet metal. These are the plain black or white boxes you typically see around your neighborhood. However, building it out of brick has many advantages such as matching your house and durability. However a brick mailbox will require a lot of time and money before your project is complete.

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Another nice yet affordable option is using the sheet metal as a base for your box. You can then cut and stain wood and secure it around the box so it has the appearance of being made out of wood.
Artistic mailbox

Some people take their mailbox to the next level and make an art project out of it. For instance, people who live in Florida will create a dolphin mailbox. People get extremely creative using statues, animals, flower planters, old appliances, and any many other unique items when building their mailboxes.

Many people don’t realize how easy it is to find build plans and start your own project. Opting for the simple Menards isn’t going to make your house stand out from the rest. Planning, designing, and creating your own is both easy and inexpensive and a good way to make your house more attractive.

Types of mailboxes

Sheet metal boxes are among the most common. They’re cheap, only requiring a post and a few pieces of sheet metal. However, these also require metal working tools that many people don’t have.

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Brick mailboxes are some of the nicest looking ones around. They’re durable, long lasting, and can even match your house. However, they are pretty hard to install and time consuming. They require you to level out the ground, poor concrete, and mortar bricks together.
Brick Mailbox

Stone mailboxes are pretty similar to brick. They hard to make, expensive, but have one upside: they look great. Stone boxes give the appearance of luxury and style.
Stone (river rock) Mailbox

Wooden mailboxes are the best type because of two reasons. They look really nice and they cheap to build. A wooden box typically uses a metal box as the base. Boards are then cut and stained to their proper size and attached to the box. This gives the appearance of a completely wooden box.
Wooden Mailbox

Lastly, you can have an artistic design. These come in all shapes and sizes. Some are made by metal works and made of nothing but metal. Others are made by sculptures and are made by people who can form clay or similar materials. These are the best ones to look at as they always unique and creative. They can range from household items, to animals, or even abstract art.