Brick mailbox

Building a brick mailbox is a great way to improve the appearance of your house. Quite a bit of work goes into the installation of a brick mailbox, but in the end it’s worth it. If you want something that’s long lasting and durable, while still being aesthetically pleasing, this is perfect for you.

Build plans

The first and most important step is to lay your foundation. Start by digging out an area that is 24” by 24” square. The edge of the area you’re digging should be touching the curb. Dig the area out to 3”-6” deep and line the area with two by fours.

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Fill the area in with concrete until it’s level with the frame. Wait until it dries to a pasty consistency. You want it so it’s wet enough to put a cinder block firmly in place, but not too wet to so it doesn’t sink.
Laying the concrete foundation

Place two cinder blocks in a square at the exact center of your concrete foundation. Make sure that they perfectly level. If they are not level and square to the curb, your structure will end up being crooked.
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After you have your first cinder blocks in place, you’ll want to stagger them all the way up. If your first set had the ends facing the street, your second should have the sides facing. This adds strength to the overall structure.

Now it’s time to actually add the bricks. This is where you can get creative in how you place them. You can start by either placing them horizontally or vertically. The first layer vertical can break up the pattern on your mailbox, this is called a soldier course and should only be attempted by experienced brick layers. The cinderblocks should have been the right size in order for you to lay the bricks in a 2-3-2 fashion. This means two bricks on one side, three bricks on the next, and two bricks after that. This will allow you to stagger the brick structure all the way up creating a nice looking structure, but also a strong one.
Staggering the bricks in place

When you get up to 42” it’s time to set in the mailbox. Put a layer of mason cement on the cinder blocks enough to hold your box in place. Make sure it’s perfectly level and even on both sides. Add more cement to one side as needed. You might need to break some bricks into different lengths to complete your sides this time. Lightly tap them in strategic places with a hammer.
Adding the mailbox

Once you’ve put a full layer on top of the mailbox, it’s time to add your final layer. Put a layer of cement on the entire top layer and lay your final bricks.
Brick Mailbox