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If you have plans to build your own mailbox, do you know which type you’re going to make? Do you want a cost effective box? Or how about one that’s easy to build? Or maybe even one that looks nice? Fortunately you have many options, all with their own pros and cons, so which one is the correct choice for you?


There are many advantages to owning a brick mailbox. Along with wood, they’re some of the nicest looking mailboxes you can own, especially if you have a brick house. You can attach a nice built in flower pot and a high quality plaque to complete the look. Additionally, they’re the most durable kind of mailbox. They will hold up to vandalism, rain and weather; it will be there as long as your house.

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However, with the pros come the cons: cost. They’re much more expensive than any other mailbox type. They also require a lot more effort to build. Laying the foundation, mortaring it together, and keeping it level can be a challenge for most people.
Brick mailbox with flower box


A wooden mailbox is perfect for those who want a perfect balance between cost and looks. Wooden mailboxes, depending on which type you build can look much nicer than their metal counterparts. Given the right stain, the wood will last ages and greatly improve the outward appearance of your home. Planning, designing, and making a wooden mailbox is moderately easy if you have woodworking experience. However, even a novice can take on this task. Additionally, since the mailbox doesn’t use up much wood it’s pretty cost effective. The only costs are for the tools, which many people already have. The only downside is maintenance. You will be required to re-stain the mailbox every couple years in order to keep it safe from the elements.
Wooden birdhouse mailbox


This is the solution to people who aren’t too concerned about their mailbox. A metal mailbox will last pretty much forever, as paint will keep it from rusting. It requires no maintenance and can be purchased at any hardware store for a low price. Many people consider these boring or plain, however, they can be just the opposite. Many people have chosen to paint their boxes in very complex ways. Some people with an artistic touch can really make these types of boxes look incredibly beautiful.
Nicely painted mailbox


So remember, if you plan on building your own mailbox, take these points into consideration. In my opinion the cheapest and best looking mailbox is made out of wood. An elaborate luxury box is made out of brick, but is also expensive. It all depends what you’re looking for.