custom mailbox

When many people think of a mailbox, the first thing they think of is a plain sheet metal box. Usually just plainly colored they have no artistic designs or styles. However, there’s a whole world of out of the ordinary mailboxes and many people are starting to pick out designs that match their house or personality. You can spice up your box by building it out of materials that look nicer such as brick, stone, or wood, or you can air brush your existing one with artwork that means something to you.

Aside from the regular boring designs, many people can get fairly creative when designing their mailbox. I’ve seen many things ranging from cars to animals, to even hammers. These are usually made out of many different materials including plaster, scrap metal, and plastic. A lot of people design their mailboxes to express their occupations or hobbies. I’ve seen the post in the form of a spine for a spinal surgeon, or a post and box in the shape of a hammer for a carpenter. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Another way to add some creativeness to your box without redesigning it is to simply airbrush. Granted this takes a little bit of artistic ability, but the end result will wow passerbys. I’ve seen true works of art that must have taken many hours of labor to paint.

If you’re a solid woodworker, you might just want to build your box out of wood. It doesn’t have to be a plain old everyday design either, you can still get creative with wood. I’ve seen things ranging from trains to house like structures. Even if you choose a standard design, simply making it out of wood and staining it is a sure fire way to separate your box from your neighbors.

Whatever you choose, it will separate your mailbox from that of your neighbors. Giving it a fancy design, or an artistic paint job is sure to look better than your default plain sheet metal look. Show off your personality, and have the best looking mailbox on the block.